Three UH-1 Helicopters available for Sale!

We are excited to announce that Dakota Air Parts is currently consigning three exceptional helicopters on behalf of R&R Conner. As soon as one of these helicopters is sold, the remaining two will be taken off the market!

Take a closer look at each of these Hueys:
UH-1B 1962 Model, N198HM / Serial #62-1996
UH-1F 1965 Model, N4040P / Serial #65-7911
UH-1B 1961 Model, N842M / Serial #61-0763
These helicopters are owned and operated by R&R Conner. Over their service history, these UH-1s have been integral in various lift jobs ranging from seismic surveys and construction projects to forestry missions and aircraft recovery.

The aircraft are currently operating and times are subject to change. 

For more details on specifications, additional pictures, and pricing please contact Mitch Goodmanson at or +1 (701) 478-9113.

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